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nōk & DJ Andee


PLAIN SIGHT is the second studio mix long play album arranged by nōk. The album is comprised of tracks made in house at Abrith Media Farm with contributions from DJ Andee on the tracks Boxcar and Deg. The album equips a more minimal structure than its predecessor. Warm acidic tones, twisted phonics and solid kicks are among the more prevalent features.


01. nōk  - Mention
02. nōk & DJ Andee - Deg
03. nōk - Myth
04. nōk - Where
05. nōk - Old Road
06. nōk - The Epidemic - Archive
07. nōk - Serpente
08. nōk & DJ Andee - Box Car
09. nōk - Duality
10. nōk - Linkage
11. nōk - Room
12. nōk - Antigen

Cover art designed by Matt Hendrie at Abrith Media Farm

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