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Innovative Designs

In 2001, we had the idea to create a business that would specialize in different forms of media, so we started to build our portfolio, filling it with a variety of disciplines from leather and wood to graphic design and electronic music.

Since the beginning, Abrith Media Farm has been creating quality products for our customers. Just take a look at our shop to see all of the unique designs we have been able to put together. And while you’re at it, why don’t you listen to some of our music while browsing our site?

Why We Create

Art is one of the greatest forms of expression, and we create products for our customers that let them express their unique style and personality. Our team is made up of brilliant creative minds, each thriving in a different creative field. Together, we have produced multiple collaborations with stunning results

If you’re looking for a place in the Philadelphia area, to find unique, handmade items, then take a look at the products we have in our store. Feel free to explore the site and get inspired. We are a custom house and as such can provide you with an array of styles and materials. From exotic hardwood bowls to leather bags we try to accommodate our customers every wish.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in our products or want to learn more about how we can offer up our services, then contact us today. We want to use our creative talents to produce something great for you.

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